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About Us

     We are a full service communications company.  We are the one stop for all your needs from cabling, traditional PBX's, Key Systems and IP telephony, to network equipment and computers.  We have the products, the services, and the know how to provide the solution for your specific situation. 


   Commworx was founded by brothers Tim and Eric Martin.  Tim Martin brought his extensive experience and knowledge of data networks while Eric Martin added his equally impressive command of the telecommunications industry.  Together they formed a company uniquely equipped to handle the challenges of a new communications landscape, where the line between voice and data communications is becoming increasingly blurred.  In 2002, after decades in their respective fields, the Martin brothers decided they had something different to offer the communications market, and found they could do it better than it was being done. 

Where We Are Now

  It has been a few years now and time has proven the Martins were onto something.  More and more people are discovering the unique brand of service that Commworx offers.  Our staff has grown but each new member has been carefully selected and everyone is held to the same high standards and principles that Commworx was founded on.  If you haven't heard of us yet, you will, and we sincerely hope that you'll bring your next communications need to us.  We think you'll find that Commworx truly is, "making communications work."


  So what makes us different?  At Commworx, we believe an educated consumer is a happier consumer.  We don't want to sell you something you don't need.  We work with you to create a solution perfectly tailored to your company.  We want you to understand what you are getting and what your options are.  We are truly passionate about communications.  We welcome your questions and pride ourselves on our grasp of the communications industry and our ability to answer those questions.  From satisfying your initial curiosity to making sure you're comfortable with all the features of your new system, at Commworx, every step of the way, customer service is King.

"Making Communications Work"